Silicon Spectrum, Inc.

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FPGA Solutions


Silicon Spectrum's Customers
Silicon Spectrum supplies the only line of FPGA graphics solutions for Linux and Microsoft Windows. We offer a range of products from basic VGA controllers to 3D accelerated graphics adapter functionality in a configurable IP core.

We are the only FPGA graphics company to have drivers shipping with Microsoft Windows and Linux.

We offer solutions which can be implemented as turn key or customizable by our customers. Please contact us and let us develop a plan that meets your needs.


Other IP

Silicon Spectrum offers a variety of high performance IP cores for FPGAs.

Please check out or Floating point processors optimized for FPGA MAC units.


Open Graphics

Silicon Spectrum is a proud supporter of the Open Graphics initiative. We offer our PCI and PCIe boards with full specifications. In addition our graphics IP is delivered with complete register programming specifications. Our technology is based on the Number Nine's award winning T2R4. Drivers are included in and Xfree86, as well as MS windows. More information about our FPGA based graphics boards will be added to the web site soon. Both Altera and Xilinx boards are available now. Please email for more information.



Silicon Spectrum Acquires Number Nine IP and production Rights
Silicon Spectrum Announces that it has signed a multi-year agreement with S3 Graphics to obtain the rights to use all of Number Nine's Intellectual Property as well as production rights to all of Number Nine's proprietary graphics processors.

Silicon Spectrum Consulting Services

Silicon Spectrum wants to help your company be successful in these difficult business times.  

Silicon Spectrum provides Number Nine Imagine chips in FPGAs