Silicon Spectrum, Inc.

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Silicon Spectrum was founded in 2002 by Mr. Macleod and Mr. Bruno at the request of numerous former Number Nine Customers who were no Longer able to purchase Number Nine Graphics Accelerators. After much research into FPGA technology, we determined that implementing a PC graphics chip would be quite possible in a larger FPGA device.

Rather than trying to start from scratch, Silicon Spectrum licensed the same graphics technology that we had developed for Number Nine and optimized it for use in an FPGA. During that same period, both Altera and Xilinx introduced cost effective low priced FPGA chips which we could fit our design into which turned a former high end PC graphics accelerator into a lower cost solution.

At Silicon Spectrum, we are committed to helping you implement a cost effective future proof solution using our graphics technology. We offer a range of solutions from standard product like options to custom designed solutions specific to your needs.



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