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3D Fixed Function Pipeline


In addition to the 2D core, Silicon Spectrum offers the fixed function pipeline as an option. The pipeline is the original core from Number Nine's T2R4 processor which has been optimized to use all floating point operations and for implementation in an FPGA.

The 3D pipeline offers the following features:

  • Advanced Texture Mapping.

  • Perspective Correction.

  • Point Sampling, Bilinear and Trilinear filtering.

  • Full Level-of-Detail Per-Pixel MIP Mapping.

  • Full OpenGL Decal, Blend and Modulation.

  • RGB Modulation Lighting Effects.

  • Separate Texture Mipmapping Minification and Magnification filtering.

  • Advanced Texture Cache (64x64x16).

  • Palette textures: 1, 2, 4 and 8 bit.

  • Non-Palette textures: 8, 16, and 32 bit.

  • Direct 8-Bit Palette Index Mode.

  • Floating- point triangle setup with vertex level commands. 

  • Flat and Gouraud Shaded line drawing, with patterning.

  • Table and Vertex Fog.

  • Specular Highlighting.

  • Full Alpha blending.

  • Alpha Compare Clipping.

  • 3D Color Keying with Color Range Support.

  • Integer and Non-Integer Bilinearly Filtered Scaling: Zoom and Decimation.

  • Shared Z and frame buffer, Z at 16, 24 bit per pixel..

  • Hardware three dimensional volume clipping.

  • Sixteen bit logical addressing in both X and Y, and 24 bits in Z.

  • Backface Culling

We offer Driver solutions for:

  • Microsoft Windows: Direct X and OpenGL
  • Linux
  • Others