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IBM Compatible VGA


IBM Compatible VGA Controller was introduced in April of 1987. It was a logical extension to the CGA and EGA graphics controllers introduced by IBM with the IBM PC/XT/AT series of products. The controller itself is basic in function, providing text or graphics at up to 640x480 and 256 colors. The implementation is another story altogether.

However, in most systems available today, VGA is still required for boot sequencing, BIOS settings and error handling. Although by comparison to a complete accelerated system, small, it is critical to a fully PC compatible graphics subsystem.

Silicon Spectrum offers an in house designed VGA core which is fully IBM VGA compatible and fully tested with Displaymate and real world functional tests. Silicon Spectrum offers a PC compatible BIOS to ensure plug in interoperability.

VGA is fully supported on every PC operating system with no driver required.

Our VGA IP includes:

  • Host Interface (PCI or PCIe)
  • 32 bit (64 optional) DDR2 memory controller at up to 200Mhz
  • CRT controller
  • VGA controller