Silicon Spectrum, Inc.

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  1. Download the .exe file.
  2. Click the .exe file.
  3. Save it to your hard drive.
  4. From the FrontPage menu, click File > Open Web > browse to the location where you saved the template.
  5. Make sure to view the web pages in a web browser. The layout and colors inside FrontPage do not always look like the finished website!

General Information

Once you unzip the template.exe file and follow the Installation instructions above, you will find either a readme.txt or setup.htm (this file) or both, with all of the relevant modification  information for your templates. This information should answer most questions. 

For additional support, visit the FrontPage Talk Discussion Forum to find answers to your questions. (You will will receive password information to the forum via email.)

Although this has been tested in IE 5.5., Netscape 4 & 6, you are responsible for testing  this template for targeted browser compatibility.

Company Name

  1. From the FrontPage menu, click Tools > Web Settings > Parameters Tab.
  2. Make sure the CompanyName is highlighted, then click Modify button.
  3. In the Value text box, replace Your Company with your your business name.
  4. Click the ok, then preview your web page in a browser to see changes.

Adding Pages

There are a couple ways to add new pages. You can either copy and paste an existing page, or you can open an existing page and Save As... Additionally, you can simply utilize and/or rename the pages that are included with this web template. Follow the directions below to add a new page to the navigation bar.

Adding Pages to the Navigation Bar
(Please note that not all navigation function is this manner, please see navigation notes below)

  1. From the FrontPage menu, click View > Navigation
  2. Select and open a page that exists on the same level as the page you want to add.
  3. Save as a new page.
  4. Drag it onto the Navigation View in the correct level
  5. In the Navigation View, Rename the page and the modify the Properties by right-clicking and selecting the option.
  6. Customize the content of the new page and save.


There are 4 areas of navigation involved in this template and which can be easily updated. All of the navigation in this template is managed by include files. To modify the navigation, simply make changes to the corresponding include file in the Includes folder.

  1. Core navigation - Home, Contact, Store (nav_core.htm)
  2. Main navigation - Services, Products, About Us... (nav_main.htm)
  3. Secondary navigation - This is used on the both the Setup page as bookmarks, and also on the Services page.
  4. Footer navigation - Home, Contact, Store, and copyright information

Cascading Style Sheets

This templates uses CSS extensively. The style sheets basically control the font type (Verdana, Arial ...), size, and hyperlink rollovers. If you would like to change any of these attributes. Double click the css file that resides in the includes folder and modify the attributes that you want to change. Here are some examples.

change the font color by changing the hex code #990000 to #330000
change the font size by changing the 12px to14px
change the font type by changing the Verdana, Arial...
change the rollover links by changing text-decoration to none or underline

Once saved, all changes will effect all pages that are linked to the Style Sheet. By default, every page that is including in the web template is linked. This is another reason to use existing pages to Copy or Save as for new page creation.

Adding Horizontal Lines

  1. From the FrontPage menu, Insert > Horizontal Line
  2. Make sure the properties are:
    100 percent of the window
    1 pixel height
    Color: #B8B8B8



Highlight Content
You can highlight content in this area. 

Highlight Content

You can highlight content in this area. 

Highlight Content
You can highlight content in this area.